Procedures/Behaviour aboard R/V Jan Mayen

    • Meals connected to watch duty. In addition to breakfast (0730-0830), dinner (1330-1430)  and supper (1930-2030), there are also two coffee breaks (either 1000/1100) & (1600/1700) (difference between crews).
    • Tables; crew is using the first table in the mess.
    • Self-service; deliver the plate, forks, knives and spoons in the galley (clean; put in the sink).
    • Coffe-cups; list with numbers at the rack.
    • No field-clothes or boots in the mess. Wet field clothes should be dried in the factory area.
    • Food at late evening/night. Bread in the box; meat, cheese etc. in the refrigerator.
    • No admittance in the stewards cooling room.


    • No admittance without clearance from the chief engineer.


    • Always welcome to the bridge, but don't prevent sight for officer in charge.
    • Telephones/communication; contact officer in charge.
    • No wet and dirty field clothes/boots at the bridge.


    • Computers and copy-machine are available.


    • Use a helmet while loading/unloading sampling gear/trawls. Watch for gear in motion.
    • Don't touch handspikes.
    • Avoid bringing dirt from the deck into the ship.


    • At departure; remove linen and put them in the washing-rooms or signed plastic bags.
    • Smoking; not allowed in the laboratories and other common rooms. Between 2100 - 0600;  allowed in the mess. At the bridge: permittance from officer in charge is necessary.
    • Washing machine for personal clothes: mix as much together to prevent using too much fresh-water. A drying machine is also available.
    • Avoid noise in the corridors (someone is always sleeping on the ship!) .
    • Alcohol: not allowed in the mess or at the bridge.
    • Survival suits should always be washed in fresh-water and dried in the factory area after use.
    • Weapon : secured; cleaned and turned given to the cruise leader after use. No ammunition in  the weapon board the ship. Ammunition: signed out/in by the cruise-leader/captain.
    • Security/Alarms: the captain or 1. officer will inform you about the security  procedures.  When you hear the alarm: move as fast as possible; either to the instrument-room or to the life-raft area.
    • The door to your cabin should always be unlocked when you are inside. Always prepare yourself for bad weather by securing your belongings or other loose items.
    • SCUBA-diving; not allowed without sertificate and clearance from diving officer. 



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